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A Brief Overview

Rev. Ermine Stewart was called by God to the Ministry in May 1956. He served as a pastor under the leadership of Overseer, Reverend F.S. Bent at the Church of the First Born, Jamaica, West Indies. During this time, the Lord began speaking to him, to migrate to the United States and establish a branch of Church of the First Born there.

Miracle Temple Ministries, Inc. formerly “Church of the First Born” was birthed in May 1971 at 744 Dumont Avenue, Brooklyn, New York with eight (8) members.  Miracle Temple Ministries, Inc is a growing ministry with its focus on winning lost souls for Jesus Christ.

List of Branches:

1. International Headquarters is located at 965 Thomas Boyland St. Brooklyn,  NY under Pastor E. Stewart.

2. In 1974, Rev. Stewart established a branch in Toronto, Canada and another in East Orange, New Jersey.

3. In March 1982, Molynes Road, Kingston Jamaica, W.I.

4. In 1990, Pastor Errol Rowe of Watchwell, St. Elizabeth Jamaica W.I. became affiliated with the Ministry.

5. In September 1991, May Pen, Clarendon Jamaica W.I. This branch is currently the National Headquarters in Jamaica.

6. In 1993 Christiana, Manchester Jamaica W.I.

7. In 1997, Old Harbour, Kingston Jamaica W.I. under Evangelist Stewart.

8. In 1999, Kissimmee, Florida USA, under Deacon Alverton Robinson.

9. In January 2006, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth Jamaica W.I. under Pastor Maragh.

10. On April 2, 2006, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA, under Pastor Lindsey Levy.

11. On August 22, 2009, The Miracle Continues with a ground breaking service at Red Bank, Mandeville where Bishop Stewart receives a vision from the Lord to build a church in this region in Jamaica.